When scheduling please include which time length

 you prefer




1)Blissful Rapture Tantric Massage Deluxe        $220/1.5hr $320/2h


*90 Minutes is my minimum please do not be disrespectful by asking for a 30 min appt, thank you*



(My signature body to body Lomi lomi with Tantric energy healing massage. Kundalini rising will take your breath away and satiate all your senses. Mutual "respectful" touch  included with a phenomenal ending! Sacred spot massage available upon request.)









What is Tantra?



Tantra is the art of love, a complex yogic path for mind, body, and spirit, and sophisticated philosophical systems all for the cultivation of delight, empowerment, compassion, unconditional happiness, and inner light. Although my session is not traditional Tantra instruction(I like to add my own twist) I use Tantric Enery to take you on a blissful, intense energetic voyage. Are you excited? I am excited to pamper you :)