A Note From Ava


*Please understand that I'm very selective choosing new friends. I don't see everyone that inquires. Quality over quantity, always.

*Please respect that the need for discretion goes both ways. I am semi retired and see very few people.

*The more relaxed you are the better your whole experience will be. Arriving with a positive and open energy helps me feel safe.

*I do like to sit and talk for a few moments before we begin. I will go over the basics of how the experience will unfold, boundaries etc.

*If you require a practitioner with whom you can direct the massage then I kindly ask that you find another healer. I'm an intuitive Healer and telling me how to do the healing just won't work for me. I promise you will love everything. Just relax and receive :)

*Lastly, Prebooking after screening is best for me. I also will not see a new client same day unless you have been screened.


Please do not text me unless we have met previously. I will not respond.


Finally, while I do adore gifts such as flowers or gift cards for books etc. I do not drink alcohol or eat sugar, but thank you for the thought!

 Thank you for understanding in advance!