*Please follow the instructions listed below to book an appointment*

Please do not text me unless we have met previously. I will not respond.


*I take great pride in my integrity and passion for giving and look forward to every encounter.


* Please always be respectful of my time and boundaries. Crossing these clearly stated boundaries will shut my energy down if I have to tell you "no" more then once. Thank you!


*While I love to care for and pamper you I do enjoy and cherish my private life. I do not see friends outside of visits within business hours.


*Discretion is just as important to me as it is to you. Anything discussed within our time together is to never leave here.


* I only see 1 friend per day(On days I work) . This allows me to be rested and fresh for you always! An earlier morning or early evening (No earlier then 9am or later then 8pm) can be accommodated by pre-booking.


*I am very conscious of only calling you back at a specified time/day allowed. I respect your privacy and so if you do not leave specifics I will not call you back so it isn't an awkward time for you :)


Please provide the following information for screening either via the contact form or phone

1. A reference from an established provider with a link to her Ad and phone number and when you last saw her.


2. A little something about yourself. Etiquette/manners go a long way with me!


3. The offering you wish to schedule


4. In lieu of a provider reference if you do not have one, please ask about alternative screening methods via third party verification, workplace verification (Website or direct main line to ask for you) or a phone screening consult.


Tribute for my time should be placed on the table upon arrival and never discussed. If you are looking for something tawdry or non connective please look elsewhere. I , like you have a private life so discretion and safety are paramount.


I reserve the right to refuse service for rude or intrusive behavior, poor hygiene or lack of compatibility as it were. 

A hot shower is required, offered and appreciated before we begin and always available before we part (PLEASE  wash the sexy bits WELL)!


I am very selective with my friends and strive to connect with people who wish to have an amazing life experience as opposed to a "session". Don't be afraid to live in the moment, surrender to your inner God/Goddess!