"Ava defines massage... she is sexy and sensual, loving and seductive. Time with Ava is like riding a roller coater with peaks and valleys, sharp turn and smooth moves." C., Sacramento CA


"I have been very fortunate to visit with Ava a half dozen or more times over the last couple of years. Every time she brings something new to the table. Invariably I leave completely satisfied both physically and spiritually. Ava is as far from your routine FBSM as Baryshnikov is from your neighborhood disco king. She brings incredible positive and healing energy to her sessions. Go in with an open mind, listen to what she is trying to teach you, and be ready to have your world rocked." J.G. Santa Cruz, CA


"Ava is very intelligent and a joy to be with. I went to see her again because after the first visit, the world was a brighter place and life made more sense and seemed easier. I needed a refresher and she provided it. Thanks again! A wonderful woman. A beautiful person. A nurturing soul. Genuine. WOW! Will definitely repeat and recommend."

~Terry, Sacramento CA


"I recommend Ava's session to anybody that’s not afraid to open up emotionally with an incredible and enchantingly sensual women. The gifts that you'll receive are beyond compare."

~B.D., EDH California


"Ava took me to a calm, serene place where she indeed took my breath away and ultimately satiated my senses."

~Ron, California


"It is hard to describe just how good you feel in the afterglow phase. Wish I could properly put the whole experience into words. Erotic, relaxing, restorative, and energizing all in one."

~Z, Folsom California


"As a repeating client and seeker of the feminine arts, Ava continually amazes me with her incredible presence and gifted hands. Thank you Goddess, for the pleasure and privilege of knowing you Namaste my dear."

~Steve, Sacramento California


"Couples who seek the very best in sensual experiences must take the plunge and book a couples retreat with Ava. She is a pure gold!! Her warmth and incredible techniques put my lady at complete ease during the two and a half hour session. She told me later, that Ava's touch and sensuality was beyond her wildest imagination."

~C and A, Sacramento California



"Sometimes you leave a provider feeling disappointed, like you wasted your time and money on something you didn't need on someone who was barely there, almost dirtied by the whole thing. This is the exact opposite of that feeling. I leave Ava feeling happy and elevated and touched. Which is why I keep coming back." ~Eddy Dean, Sacramento CA